wonderssecret (wonderssecret) wrote in king_julien,

Julien as a costume

Shame we don't also have him in the USA as far as I know. I only know of the one in Singapore. Not my video btw, just sharing one I found on youtube.
Tags: king julien
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I freakin' love that costume ( and Alex's as well )!

The only place I know of in the US that might have a King Julien costume is Gaylord Palms ( Resort ). I don't know if they have the costume running around or not, but he is involved in the promotions.

As for theme parks, I know of Universal Studios in Singapore ( the one you mentioned! ), Dreamworld in Australia, and one last place that I don't know of for sure, but appears to be called Beto Carrero World ( putting "Beto Carrero World madagascar" in the YouTube search did get me results, so! ), which is located in Brazil ( according to Wikipedia ). I believe I may have seen Alex and the penguins at Universal Studios in the US, but I don't think I've seen King Julien, or anyone else, and I don't recall it involving a show or anything really big. Just a little meet and greet type of thing ( nothing wrong with those though ).

I also believe there are shows and/or parades that involve the costumes on the Dreamworks cruise, Allure of the Seas.

As for Madagascar costumes in general, I think I've seen King Julien, Alex, Gloria, Mort, and the four penguins. I don't recall seeing any of the others ( Melman, Marty, Maurice, etc ).

And slightly off topic, they have a really good costume for Puss in Boots, too!